DNA VACCINES 2012 - December 4-7, 2012 - Loes Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego, CA

2011 Sponsors


Inovio Biomedical Corporation


VGXI - Delivering Life's Potential

Inovio Biomedical Corporation a leader in DNA vaccine design, development and delivery. The company's SynCon" technology enables the design of DNA-based vaccines capable of providing cross-protection against evolving, unmatched strains of pathogens, such as influenza. Initial human data has shown that Inovio's electroporation-delivered DNA vaccines can induce significant immune responses. Partners include Merck, Tripep, University of Southampton, University of Pennsylvania, HIV Vaccines Trial Network, NIH, and National Microbiology Laboratory of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

VGXI, Inc.
VGXI, Inc. is a leading contract manufacturer of DNA plasmids. The company’s extensive development, cGMP production, and fill/finish services have passed rigorous reviews by several international regulatory agencies. VGXI offers flexibility, experience, reliability and value to a select group of industry leading clients. Contact us today and see how we can advance your programs.



Aldevron is a custom contract manufacturing and research organization that specializes in biological molecules such as plasmid-DNA, proteins, and antibodies. We have bacterial, insect, and mammalian systems, and have been providing quality biologics for research, clinical, and diagnostic applications for more than eleven years. Aldevron also offers ready-to-use AAV helper, cytokine, and reporter plasmids as well as DNA vaccine screening and DNA-based antibody generation services.

Oncosec Medical
Oncosec Medical Incorporated develops novel ElectroOncology therapies that combine its proprietary electroporation delivery technology with a chemotherapeutic or novel DNA-based immunotherapeutics. Targeted delivery of these agents is designed to achieve selective destruction of cancerous tumors, resulting in improved functional, cosmetic and quality of life outcomes.



"BEST CRO" Award Winner for Vaccine Industry Excellence for three consecutive years, Accelovance has a proven approach for accelerating clinical development. 15-25% cost savings; 25-75% reduction in timelines; Guaranteed Deliverables. Flexible CRO Services to augment your team. Wholly Owned Clinical Sites to execute vaccine programs. Integrated Offering to Optimize Productivity. www.accelovance.com


Located in San Diego, CA, Althea offers process development, biologics manufacturing, analytical & formulation development, and aseptic liquid and lyophilized filling for clinical development and commercialization. Althea's formulation technology employs crystalomics that can be applied to peptides and proteins for high concentration or sustained release.

Cellectis Therapeutics

Cellectis Therapeutics’ Medical Device branch specializes in gene delivery using electroporation. In vivo, its DermaVax™ delivery system greatly improves DNA vaccine efficacy. In Vitro, its large volume transfection systems deliver RNA or plasmid DNA to large numbers of cells for immunotherapy or gene therapy.

Ichor Medical Systems

Cryoport, Inc.
Cryoport, Inc. provides leading-edge cold chain logistics and shipping solutions for the life sciences industry. CryoPort Express is a 'green' game-changing alternative to the current hazards and waste created when using dry ice shipping methods. Our dry vapor container maintains-150ºC temperatures for 10+ days.

Eurogentec Biologics.

Eurogentec Biologics offers GMP contract manufacturing of plasmids, proteins and protein conjugates for Phase I, II and III clinical trials and commercial supply. We are a full service CMO, offering complete solutions to GMP manufacturing including in-house development of USP, DSP, QC, GMP cell banking, GMP drug substance and drug product manufacturing and QP release. Benefit from our expertise in microbial processes, we have developed over 80 different GMP biopharmaceutical processes and have manufacture 12 different GMP plasmids to date. Eurogentec has a DMF in place with the FDA for GMP plasmid manufacturing.

Ichor Medical Systems

Ichor Medical Systems
Ichor's TriGrid™ Delivery System is being used in multiple clinical trials evaluating DNA vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases and was the first electroporation system to be used in healthy human subjects. Ichor's pipeline includes vaccines for melanoma, chronic viral infections, Alzheimer's, and biodefense threats.

Michelson Prize & Grants

Found Animals Foundation
Found Animals Foundation presents The Michelson Prize & Grants in Reproductive Biology - $75 million available toward achievement of a single dose, non-surgical sterilant that is safe, effective, and practical for use in male and female cats and dogs. Visit the website for more information.

Nature Technology Corp.

Nature Technology Corp.
Nature Technology Corporation is a discovery-based bioengineering technology company, providing industry solutions for DNA vaccines and gene-based medicines. NTC specializes in DNA manufacturing, advanced vaccine vectors, RNA PAMP adjuvants (RNAe), markerless (antibiotic-free) plasmids, and RapidVACC vaccine development. www.natx.com


The worldwide leading provider of sample and assay technologies for research in life sciences, applied testing and molecular diagnostics, QIAGEN Inc. offers more than 500 proprietary products sold through a dedicated sales force and a global network of distributors.

Recipharm Cobra Biologics

RecipharmCobra Biologics
RecipharmCobra Biologics is a contract manufacturer providing services from early stage development to the supply of GMP material. Services include; cell line development, analytical and process development and cGMP production of mABs, recombinant proteins, DNA, viruses and cell products together with fill-finish and formulation capabilities.

Vandalia Research

Vandalia Research
Vandalia Research provides custom large-scale DNA production with a new technology that enables the mass production of specific, high-quality DNA sequences in a thermo-chemical reaction that replicates DNA outside of a cell. Vandalia is now providing milligram and gram quantities of DNA for a variety of applications, including DNA vaccines. www.vandaliaresearch.com

EpiVax, Inc.

EpiVax, a protein and vaccine design company founded in 1998, uses a staged process of computer analysis and lab-based assays to screen protein sequences for small immune-signaling components. Applications of EpiVax technologies include vaccines, and re-engineered monoclonal antibodies and protein therapeutics.

Sanofi Pasteur

Support for Dr. Stanley Plotkin's lecture.

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