Women's Health 2015:
The 23rd Annual Congress

Widespread Praise for the Annual Congress on Women's Health

“The Women's Health Congress is, year after year, the most exciting and innovative update on the whole gamut of women's health issues I know. And it's a tremendous value for CME dollars.”
John Partridge, MD, Richmond, VA

“I can honestly say that it was the best medical conference I have ever attended. The quality of the talks was consistently excellent, and the topics were great and on target. Even though there were various types of providers present, there was something to learn from each presentation for NP's, docs, primary care, and OB's.”
Barbara Gottlieb, MD, MPH, Harvard

“Excellent program...I will definitely spread the word to my colleagues.”
Yolanda Hacker, M.D., Atlanta

“The lectures were topical and the discussions were spirited. Befriending some wonderfully dynamic women was an added bonus.”
Cathy Sila, M.D., Cleveland Clinic Foundation

“It was a pleasure to hear cutting-edge information presented by high-powered speakers in such a friendly environment.”
Ann Morrison, R.N., Johns Hopkins

“Excellent program!”
Mary Frances Picciano, Ph.D., Office of Dietary Supplements, NIH

“The Congress is a veritable Babette's feast, rich in its mix of scientific and social delights.”
Allan Hobson, M.D., Harvard

“Thank you for a wonderful Congress! This was my first time attending. I will make it a point to include the Congress as part of my continuing education activities from this point forward.”
Z. JoAnna Hill, PhD ARNP-BC, LHRM, St. Petersburg College of Nursing

“I was very impressed with the organization, the logistics, the faculty and the audience. A delightful experience all around.”
John Banas, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Columbia University

“One of the best conferences I have ever attended.”
Gail W. Stuart, PhD, APRN, Dean of Nursing, Medical University of South Carolina

“The sessions were rich with information on women?s issues.”
Debbie Drew, N.P. Greeley, Colorado

“The topics address broad and important issues yet the size and location are intimate, facilitating interaction among attendees and faculty.”
Donna H Ryan, M.D., Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, LA

“The Congress offers up-to-date information on a wide range of women's health topics?The location is ideal for both business and pleasure.”
Lin Chang, M.D., UCLA

“I'll be coming back to this meeting every year.”
Fabienne LaRoche, M.D., New York City Department of Health